High School Debate Teaches Students to Become Excellent Researchers

20th of January 2022

High school debate programs train students to develop real-world skills, such as: written and oral communication, critical thinking, public speaking, confidence, organization, and research. Research is considered the hub of all debate programs. It is the first step in forming a compelling argument. Debaters know that diligent research provides them with the knowledge and vital […]

High School Debate Teaches Students to Form Constructive Rebuttals

20th of July 2019

High school debate creates intelligent and critical thinkers. Debaters are trained to diligently research topics, organize their findings, and recall any pertinent information instantly. During a tournament, debaters must remain attentive, so they can provide an informed rebuttal to their opponent’s argument. A constructive rebuttal requires behind-the-scenes preparation. In order to win an argument, debaters […]

Teamwork and Collaboration

20th of May 2019

In high school, students are typically taught to work individually. However, debate goes against formal teaching concepts and encourages students to collaborate and solve problems as a group. Debate teams require everyone to constructively work together to achieve victory. Therefore, “the ability to learn from, aid, and work with others is crucial. The constructive discourse […]

Critical Thinking

20th of March 2019

The concept of critical thinking is complex, and one that many individuals are unable to fully understand. Adults and students typically lead with emotion, preconceptions, and irrational reasoning. It takes careful debate training to independently think and deduce what researched information is most relevant in order to win an argument. Critical thinking, “plays an important […]

High School Debate Creates Curious Thinkers

7th of February 2019

High school debate emphasizes the competitive strategic advantages of creative and curious thinking. Through the training of: research, organization, and presentation, students are encouraged to think differently and discover new and compelling ideas. Curiosity is a missing component in most high school atmospheres. Students are taught to read, write, and study in a formal way. […]

High School Debate Teaches Students How to Communicate

10th of January 2019

Communication may seem like an easily achieved task, but very few students are taught to correspond with respect, maturity, and grace. Not only that, “being able to communicate with others in a clear, confident, and concise way is a skill that you’ll use all your life.” High school debate students may be required to give […]

How Debate Teaches Students to Develop Strong Listening Skills

4th of December 2018

One of the core components in any debate competition is the ability to listen. High school debaters are quietly paying attention to every word their opponent says. Because a debater is incredibly well versed on the subject at hand, she is able to quickly spot an error in fact or logic from her opponent. This […]

High School Debate Teaches Students to Excel in Academic Coursework

15th of November 2018

The debate program is academically beneficial for students who go on to excel in educational classes. Students are trained to: think critically, develop effective tools for research, organization, and presentation, and obtain excellent oral and written communication skills. These skills lead to a high-performance crossover in a student’s academic classes. Debate teaches students to be […]

High School Debate Programs Create Student Advocates For Change

6th of October 2018

High school debaters are encouraged to think outside the box when it comes to researching current events. Debate students tend to look at issues differently than their non-debate counterparts. They seek to understand all aspects of the topic through diligent research, writing, preparation, and persuasive delivery. While researching various worldly topics, students find themselves invigorated […]

How High School Debate Teaches Students to Research Important Current Issues and Events

4th of September 2018

High school debate is beneficial in many ways. It not only trains students to research, analyze, think critically, present logical arguments, obtain self-confidence, and engage in public speaking, it also creates change makers and social justice coordinators. Today, citizens get their news from Facebook and other social media outlets. Many of these stories contain half-truths, […]