High School Debate Creates Curious Thinkers

High school debate emphasizes the competitive strategic advantages of creative and curious thinking. Through the training of: research, organization, and presentation, students are encouraged to think differently and discover new and compelling ideas.

Curiosity is a missing component in most high school atmospheres. Students are taught to read, write, and study in a formal way. Debate introduces students to a new way of examining coursework. Students are optimistic about discovering interesting facts and ideas within their research. Curiosity is a trait that also helps students succeed in their academic courses. Debaters are able to break down complex subjects and examine them with interest and excitement.

The power of curiosity contributes not only to high achievement but also to a fulfilling existence.” The very idea of curiosity is the “pursuit, and intense desire to explore, novel, challenging, and uncertain events.” High school debate students are equipped with a unique perspective, and a high level of attention while engaging in complicated topics.

Curiosity allows debaters the unique advantage of “dissecting arguments.” These students change the way they think, look at an argument, and how they communicate. Debaters understand that an audience does not want to listen to a typical argument, but rather, they want to be dazzled with exciting facts and logical rebuttals. Intellectual curiosity allows debaters to dig deep into a subject and pull out thrilling tidbits that make an argument interesting, factual, and simple to understand.

Debaters are constantly seeking to explore information, current events, and global issues. Thus, they have the ability to look past formalities and inquisitively learn about any subject they are presented with. This type of thinking helps students succeed in college and the workplace. Debaters will thoroughly research, write, explore, and question various topics throughout life. They will never stop seeking the truth, training their brains, and they will always be hungry for information and learning.