High School Debate Teaches Students to Excel in Academic Coursework

The debate program is academically beneficial for students who go on to excel in educational classes. Students are trained to: think critically, develop effective tools for research, organization, and presentation, and obtain excellent oral and written communication skills. These skills lead to a high-performance crossover in a student’s academic classes.

Debate teaches students to be self-disciplined and deadline-oriented. Debaters understand that in order to win an argument, they must come fully prepared.  Organizational skills are crafted, as students must be able to position their research within an appropriate and engaging timeline.

Debate students excel in written and oral communication and greatly improve their reading comprehension. Students become comfortable with new concepts and unfamiliar language, and gain access to a wide array of new information.” Essentially, debate gives students a lead over their non-debate peers. Because debaters are introduced to worldly topics, they are equipped with the knowledge to vigorously research any subject introduced in their classes.

High school debaters achieve a level of confidence when training for a debate. Gained confidence isn’t solely reserved for competition; it carries over into classroom discussions, presentations, and speeches. Debate students find a level of ease when presenting to a large audience, thus making their projects achieve top scores.

High school debate encourages students to think critically and analyze challenging concepts. The essence of debate is the ability to break down difficult concepts and present them persuasively, and in a simplistic manner. This skill requires a high level of thinking; debaters must be able to re-teach a complex idea and give it an emotional and creative angle. This teaches students to think differently and retain information in an imaginative way. Debaters are able to perform better in other classes because of the way they are retaining the material. Debaters make any subject interesting by breaking down a concept and creatively engaging in it.