How High School Debate Teaches Students to Become Great Speech Writers

1st of August 2018

High School debate provides the tools that teach students how to form constructive arguments and deliver persuasive speeches. Speech writing, public speaking, and self-confidence are all positive attributes that college admissions and future workplace employers are looking for. Speech writing allows debate students the ability to bridge gaps, inform an audience on important current issues, […]

How High School Debate Teaches Students to Form a Constructive Argument

4th of July 2018

Debate trains high school students to not only craft valid arguments, but to also listen compassionately to the arguments of their opponents. In order to truly understand the issue at hand, students must be willing to openly view both sides of the argument without judgment or preconception. A constructive argument comes in the form of […]

High School Debate Provides a Path to Graduation for Urban Students

2nd of June 2018

High school debate has long been considered one of the “great equalizers” among high school students. Studies have shown that while only 50 percent of urban high school students graduate, ninety percent of urban high school debaters graduate. These students also get into better colleges, and perform better once they arrive. Debating helps high school […]

How High School Debate Trains Students in Public Speaking

10th of May 2018

Public speaking is the final piece of the debate puzzle. After high school students research, organize, practice, and perfect their opinions, they must be able to effectively communicate their argument to audiences and their opponents. Obtaining confidence from living and breathing the topic at hand is immense, however, the manner in which one’s argument is […]

How Debate Prepares Students to Work in a Global Community

15th of April 2018

There are many benefits to participating in high school debate. One of the greatest advantages is obtaining useful knowledge about the International population. While most other high school students are talking about their friend’s latest Instagram post, debate students are actively studying the problems and events that currently affect the global community. MIT News says, […]

How Strong Organizational Skills are Developed in High School Debate

27th of March 2018

High school debate is not just about flexing your vocal skills. It requires ample time behind the scenes researching, organizing, writing, preparing, and practicing in order to build a valid argument. Developing strong organizational skills are crucial for success in high school debate. After thoroughly researching the topic at hand, students must organize their findings […]

Building Confidence through High School Debate

5th of March 2018

One of the most obvious skills gains from participating in speech and debate in high school is personal confidence. Students tend to complain that they haven’t gained any “real world” knowledge in high school to apply later in life. They overlook the art of debate as a necessary ability because it’s often out of their […]

Reflecting Back on the Importance of High School Debate from Leaders of Today

1st of March 2018

Famous debaters can be traced all the way back to Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle, who formed the craft of speech. Many leaders of the past such as Malcolm X and George W. Bush also have a background in debate that served their positions of power. The leaders of today also inevitably owe part of their […]

The Funding Crisis for High School Extracurricular Activities

10th of January 2018

When it comes time to cut the education budget, the extracurricular activities are always the first to take a hit. The current education budget proposals would further cut $1.2 billion from the after-school program where money is already incredibly tight. These programs serve almost two million students, many of them who are poor. Extracurricular activities […]

How Research Skills are Developed in High School Debate

25th of September 2017

From speaking, listening, and reading to critical thinking, high school debate promotes many necessary skills, including research. Research isn’t simply flicking through pages of books or Wikipedia. Part of research is focusing on your ideas, so you’re not aimlessly browsing. Once the main idea is formed, then an argument and support can develop. The initial […]